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Did you know that 60 out of 100 men are likely to be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer?


Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer

The above statistics of hold good as men age and most affected are those beyond 65.

Though the statistics may seem disheartening, only one in thirty-nine people may die as a result of prostate cancer. That means that the average percentage of people who have died from prostate cancer is about 0.027%, probably the least possible for any form of cancer.

There are many treatments option for prostate cancer. The hardest part is simply informing yourself and your family about various treatment options available, their estimated costs and the ability to choose the best treatment option available based on your specific medical condition.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Options:

The surgical options for  prostate cancer treatment are Simple Prostatectomy, Radical Prostatectomy, and TURP
Simple Prostatectomy: In simple prostatectomy or a subtotal prostatectomy, only part of the prostate is removed.
Radical Prostatectomy: In a radical prostatectomy, the entire prostate gland is removed along with seminal vesicles and vas deferens.  This can be done laparoscopically or even by using Robotic techniques in what is known as Robotic Prostatectomy.
Robotic Prostatectomy: Robotic Prostatectomy is essentially the same procedure, except it is done using a robotic console capable of making larger more precise incisions while having a larger field of vision. This reduces recovery time, the risk of complications, it minimalizes scarring, and it reduces the risk of leaving cancerous tissue.
Other than surgical, treatment option for prostate cancer is radiotherapy and hormone therapy
These are just a few of the effects of treatments available to those who are affected by prostate cancer. Knowing the benefits and risks of each procedure is a large part of the battle.
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