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Kenneth successfully treated for Tounge Cancer, Testimonial, CanceRx impact story

Hi, I am Kenneth. I stumbled upon CanceRx while browsing for my Tongue cancer treatment. This is exactly a day after my cancer diagnosis. A small growth at the back of my tongue which didn’t heal for 3 weeks and I went for a routine checkup to the doctor. Once it was confirmed that I had Tounge cancer, I was struggling to discover the best course of treatment for myself. I found CanceRx online and they were hugely responsive. Within 2 hrs, of my first email, I was advised robotic surgery as my cancer was still at an early stage, and post that I  was advised that I may need to undergo radiotherapy as well. This really helped me in making a decision on my cancer treatment. If it was not for CanceRx, I would have had to visit a few oncologists, take multiple opinions before taking a final decision. Kudos to the CanceRx team!
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