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Why are their no symptoms for cancer sometimes till the last stage?

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Most cancers do not cause symptoms until late due to the phenomenal resilience and immunity that our bodies have.

Which is why regular checkups which lead to early detection of cancer are a must.
 Most stomach cancers do not have any symptoms except the loss of appetite, acid reflux, stomach pain, feeling of fullness which many of us may relate to a bout of indigestion or a stomach infection.
 Kidney cancer never has symptoms at an early stage.
 Early stage liver cancer symptoms are often pain on the right side of the abdomen, loss of appetite.
Pancreatic Cancers are rarely found operable unless they invade the bile duct.
Thyroid Cancer often the earliest symptom is hoarseness in the voice.
Being nonspecific, the symptoms are often overlooked in a patient with an early stage cancer leading to discovery at a much later stage, when the cancer is metastatic.
 With newer treatment options and newer drugs, it is possible to treat, extend and improve quality of life even at a later stage.
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