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Dr. Ishita B Sen, Fortis Memorial Research Institute

Excerpts from the interview with Dr. Ishita B Sen, Nuclear Medicine Specialist

 Dr. Ishita B Sen - CanceRX

Q.What role does nuclear medicine play in cancer treatment?

A. Nuclear medicine is a part and parcel of cancer treatments, it plays a role from diagnostics to medicine and helps at various stages of cancer treatments.

Q.What are the different treatment options offered by nuclear medicine for cancer treatment?

A. Nuclear medicine is 20% therapy and 80% diagnostics. It is a niche therapy that helps treat thyroid, prostate, breast, neuroendocrine, and brain tumors. It is also used in intertumoral therapies

Q.Why did you choose to specialize in nuclear medicine?

A. I chose to specialize in nuclear medicine because it’s a dynamic and exciting field. It looks at the molecular level of a disease and is used at preclinical, clinical, and research levels.

Q. Can we request you to elucidate on different cancer treatment options, offered in India?

A. India is at the forefront of nuclear medicine: the treatment options available here are not available in the USA. This includes therapies such as radioactive iodine therapy for thyroid cancer, PRRT for metastatic neuroendocrine cancer, and targeted alpha therapy also known as the magic bullet therapy that destroys single cancer cells and is effective for prostate and neuroendocrine cancers. Nuclear Medicine always has options for everyone.

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