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Metastatic Colon Cancer

Patient Mamta Yadav was diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer.

Metastatic Colon cancer treatment

Despite being diagnosed at stage 4, she did not have any blockage in the rectum. She was passing stools normally and came when she accidentally discovered bleeding. Yet she was being advised to undergo surgery to remove the tumour.

Mamta’s family got in touch with CanceRx for a second opinion on her cancer treatment.

Our consulting the surgical and medical oncologists, an opinion on only palliative chemotherapy was advised as against the surgery.


With extensive metastasis in the lung, liver, stomach and bones, curative treatment was not possible.

Mamta’s daughter in her own words literally got her mother off the operating table. Mamta Yadav is now on palliative chemotherapy and is consulting with a panel doctor on her chemotherapy protocol, which she is taking at a local cancer centre.

Timely advice and intervention saved a stage 4  metastatic colon cancer patient from undergoing an unwarranted surgery.

The family also saved from unnecessary expenditure and trauma.

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*Actual picture of the patient has been withheld for privacy



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