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Metastatic Sarcoma

My brother was diagnosed with  Metastatic Sarcoma recently.

His cancer has metastasised to the lungs and the liver.

We were really in a confused state of mind on what to do. We were asked to undergo surgery.

Metastatic Sarcoma
Metastatic Sarcoma

As we searched for answers on what to do, how cancer (sarcoma) had spread so much, should we treat or not treat cancer, we found CanceRx.

A simple chat, led to us emailing our medical reports.

They got back to us saying that surgery is not required as cancer has metastasised and surgery would, in fact, delay further treatment.

They were upfront in telling us that since cancer has spread complete cure is not possible. Palliative, treatment would be the best and at best extend life.

So we have now started on chemotherapy and are hopeful that my brother would get better.

Taking a second medical opinion, helped us take the right decision, helped my brother avoid a painful surgery.

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*Actual picture of the patient has been withheld for privacy

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