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Does exercise prevents cancer?

How does exercise help prevent cancer?

Yet another year begins, let us begin the new year by promising our selves to remain disease free, cancer free.

Cancer is easily preventable by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so let’s begin the new year on how exercise can help reduce cancer risk.

A healthy lifestyle usually promotes energy balance and immune functions of the body.

How does exercise help prevent cancer

Exercise also reduces the risk of insulin resistance, a type of condition that leads to type-2 diabetes. By reducing the risk of insulin resistance, the growth and spread of cancer cells are controlled because cancer cells need glucose in order to survive. Exercising then tends to create a non-sustainable environment for the disease.

Additionally, maintaining a healthy weight also increases metabolism and blood circulation- leading to an increase in blood-oxygen levels and blood flow to important detoxification organs such as the kidney and liver which then further helps in the detoxification and helps the body get rid of toxic substances including excess estrogen that helps eliminate the risk of estrogen-prone cancers.

At a more biological level, physical exercise leads to an increase in the amount of energy required i.e. an increase in the production of mitochondria, which is not conducive to a cancer-promoting environment in the body because cancer is essentially a disorder due to lack of mitochondria or metabolism.

The kinds of exercise training that lead to the prevention of cancer is high-intensity strength training or exercising for about an hour daily.

Exercise prevents about thirteen different kinds of cancers which are:

Esophageal cancer

Liver cancer

Lung Cancer

Kidney cancer

Stomach cancer

Endometrial cancer

Myeloid leukemia


Colon cancer

Head and neck cancer

Rectal cancer

Bladder cancer

Breast cancer

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