Is it ok to get a second opinion from a doctor?

Is it ok to get a second opinion from a doctor? A Question often asked by patients who have an ambiguous diagnosis. Watch the video to see a patient in an OPD setting, running from pillar to post after being diagnosed with small nodules all over his face and neck, get a correct diagnosis for his medical problem. Not clear on your diagnosis? Get a Second Opinion, by the expert panel of Medical oncologists at CanceRX now, from the best cancer hospitals in India, send us a query now or write to us on to know more Click here to…

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CanceRX gets covered by Punjab Kesari a leading newspaper

CanceRX Coverage in Punjab Kesari CanceRX, a startup focussed on last mile cancer diagnostics, consults for the Indian population, gets covered by Punjab Kesari, Indias leading Hindi newspaper. Write to us at to know more.  

PET Scan Test Get a second opinion

PET Scan Test, is an imaging test which allows physicians to see how the spread of disease in our body. Normally associated with a cancer diagnosis, a PET Scan allows us to check the functioning of our heart, brain for brain tumors,  brain cancer, Alzheimer’s as well. A PET Scan test may be used along with a CT Scan and an MRI for specific views required for cancer treatment. A PET Scan costs USD 200-500 and can be done in many labs, however, diagnosis based on reports is the key to proper cancer treatment. Get a Second Opinion on your…

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HLA typing for Bone Marrow Transplant ?

We often hear of HLA typing for bone marrow transplant for blood cancers, Leukemias, even Sickle Cell Disease. Many times facilities for HLA typing are not available locally.  A short video shows how to take an HLA sample by yourself. Once you have taken the HLA samples, you can always courier to the next available lab for testing or even send a sample to us at CanceRX for  HLA typing. To know more, write to us at Submit the query form and “Get a second opinion on your cancer treatment” from the best oncologists,  the best hematologist in India.…

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doctors consultation for blood cancer in Gorakhpur

CanceRX brings the 1st OPD, doctors consultation for blood cancers in Gorakhpur. Dr. Rahul Bhargava, Head of Hemato-oncology will now conduct an OPD every 2nd Saturday in Gorakhpur. Get a second opinion on your blood cancer diagnosis, some of the best hemato-oncologists in India, the best blood cancer doctors in India.  Send us a query now or email your medical reports on Irrespective of the stage of blood cancer, controlling disease progression is a possibility. Send us a query and explore the treatment options available. Click to know the cost of blood cancer treatment in India.  

targeted therapy for breast cancer treatment

Targeted therapy for breast cancer treatment helps target cancer cells which grow out of control. Cancers happen when our normal body cells start multiplying and grow out of control. Targeted therapy for breast cancer treatment, is the administration of new age drugs which inhibit or block the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells. Unlike regular chemotherapy which attacks all cells, good and bad, targeted drugs attack only specific cancer cells and inhibit growth. They tend to have fewer and also different side effects than chemotherapy drugs. Breast Cancers are caused by various mutants such as BRCA1, BRCA 2, PIK3CA.  Each mutant…

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