cancer early symptoms

Cancer: Early symptoms, to be aware of, watch the video to know more ……   Write to us at to know more or send in your reports now to get a 2nd opinion on cancer from our expert panel comprising of, medical oncologist, surgical oncologists, and radiation oncologists. Send in a query to Dr. Niranjan Naik, head of surgical oncology, to get your queries answered on GI cancer that is Gastro-intestinal cancer,  Breast cancer, Colon cancer. Get a 2nd opinion Now!  

Multiple Myeloma symptoms

Multiple Myelomas symptoms are many, however many are missed as general symptoms and this often leads to a delayed diagnosis. The commonest and most often missed are the ones associated with Renal failure or Kidney failure. The infographic below details symptoms of multiple myeloma, which may be missed. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please visit a hematologist or a hemato-oncologist. It may help in early diagnosis and treatment which plays an important role in survival. Write to us at to know more or send in your reports now to get a 2nd opinion on your cancer…

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Prostate cancer Test

Why is a prostate cancer test essential??? A million men are diagnosed in India alone for prostate cancer. The number of men diagnosed or reported incidence is much higher in Europe, the USA, and even Africa. Get a simple PSA( Prostate Specific Antigen) test done and email us your reports for a 2nd opinion. A  PSA test is recommended worldwide over 45 years of age for screening. Early detection, saves lives! Get your PSA done today. Write to us at to know more or send in your reports now to get a 2nd opinion on prostate cancer from our…

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Unexplained high fever

Unexplained high fever and bruises can be an indication of Leukemia or what is commonly known as blood cancer. If your child has more bruises than normal while playing or has high fever which doesn’t subside, visit the nearest doctor, get a CBC test and a Peripheral smear done from the nearest lab and email us the reports on Unexpected Bruises with high fever an also indicate blood cancer even in adults. Our expert team of hematologists, hemato-oncologists, and hemato-pathologists will help you arrive at the best diagnosis. Send us your queries, reports now!        

bladder cancer symptoms

Bladder cancer is one of the more common cancers affecting both men and women. Watch out for the following, bladder cancer symptoms: Frequent Urination: Just peed, yet have a feeling of wanting to pee. Could be a simple UTI or a tumour pressing against your bladder wall and definitely calls for a visit to the urologist Bloody Pee: Blood in the urine which means urine colour ranging from pink to brown may indicate a urinary tract infection or a possible tumour and definitely calls for a visit to the urologist Pelvic Pain: A persistent nagging pelvic pain may mean a tumour growing…

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