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bladder cancer symptoms

Bladder cancer is one of the more common cancers affecting both men and women.

Watch out for the following, bladder cancer symptoms:

Bladder cancer symptoms

Frequent Urination: Just peed, yet have a feeling of wanting to pee.

Could be a simple UTI or a tumour pressing against your bladder wall and definitely calls for a visit to the urologist

Bloody Pee: Blood in the urine which means urine colour ranging from pink to brown may indicate a urinary tract infection or a possible tumour and definitely calls for a visit to the urologist

Pelvic Pain: A persistent nagging pelvic pain may mean a tumour growing in the bladder or pressing against the bladder wall.

Back Pain: Persistent back pain may indicate a kidney tumour, kidney cancer or  even bladder cancer which had now spread and is pressing and causing pain

Inability to pass urine: Inability to pass urine could be a symptom of an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer or even bladder cancer.

Oedema, swelling in the hands, feet, body: Oedema,  or swelling in the body, especially lower limbs, can be symptoms of kidney disease,  kidney cancer and several other problems but may even be caused by a growing tumour and a bladder which is not functioning very well.

Weight loss: Unexplained weight loss is a common symptom of many cancers, including bladder cancer.

Feeling Weak or fatigued: Unexplained weakness, fatigue is often a red flag. Coupled with other symptoms, calls for a visit to the urologist or uro-oncologist.

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