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Online Cancer Clinic

Online Cancer Clinics: CanceRX introduces, online cancer clinics for the 1st time to help you with awareness, symptoms, best treatment possibilities, modalities for cancer patients.

Cancer is the fastest-growing problem worldwide. In India, we have 3 million cancer patients and the number of cancer doctors is a mere 1600.

We understand that 1600 cancer doctors or oncologists, cannot physically reach 3 million cancer patients.

Hence to make these doctors easily accessible to you, CanceRX launches online Cancer Clinic.

What is an online cancer clinic? An online clinic is a weekly, OPD where you can hear some of the best super-specialist oncologists talk about best possible treatment options, also answer your questions wherever possible.


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To pre-register your questions, so that our experts can answer some of these, send us a WhatsApp on CanceRX helpline  +919821451560.  

Get a multi-specialty consult, a 2nd opinion from our expert panel on oncologists.

 As we look to serve the poorest of the poor, cancer doctors willing to serve and conduct online and offline OPD’s with CanceRX, please connect with us on with the subject line OPD

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