Second opinion breast cancer treatment

Why is it important to have a Second opinion on breast cancer treatment Dr. Abhishek Raj, medical oncologist at Fortis Hospital, talks to us why a 2nd opinion is imperative for when you have a  breast cancer diagnosis. To get a second opinion on breast cancer treatment click here

What to ask in a second opinion consult?

We have been talking about taking a second opinion, consult, but what are the questions which one must ask while taking a 2nd opinion. So here is a quick look at the top Q&A’s one must not miss out on, while taking a 2nd  opinion. Q1.Is there any chance that I could have a different diagnosis? Q2. Are there any additional tests you think I may need? Q3. What is the treatment you would recommend? Q4. Are there any other treatments options I should consider? Q5. What would happen, if I don’t take the recommended treatment or wait? Q6. How…

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Why is a second opinion important for cancer

Why is a second opinion important for cancer? Top reasons to get a second opinion on cancer. A cancer diagnosis is overwhelming and often confusing as well. More importantly, it is a life-changing event. With advances in science and cancer care, a knowledge gap often exists as physicians, treating doctors are often not able to keep abreast with newer treatment protocols. Therefore it is important to be aware of your prognosis, and treatment options available to you. A second opinion may help you build faith in your treating doctor or make you aware of other treatment options that could help…

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