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What to ask in a second opinion consult?

We have been talking about taking a second opinion, consult, but what are the questions which one must ask while taking a 2nd opinion.

Second opinion

So here is a quick look at the top Q&A’s one must not miss out on, while taking a 2nd  opinion.

Q1.Is there any chance that I could have a different diagnosis?

Q2. Are there any additional tests you think I may need?

Q3. What is the treatment you would recommend?

Q4. Are there any other treatments options I should consider?

Q5. What would happen, if I don’t take the recommended treatment or wait?

Q6. How long can I safely wait before starting treatment?

Q7. What are the risks associated with the proposed treatment(s)?

Q8.What are the side effects and/or long-term effects from each treatment option?

Q9.What are the goals of the treatment? Is the treatment palliative or curative?

Q10. How long are the treatment recovery periods?

This is a basic list of Q&A, which anyone seeking a 2nd opinion should ask.

Other guidelines to follow are the qualification, no of years of experience of the doctor.  Has he or she treated the same or a similar disease before?

45% of the patients seeking a second medical opinion on cancer diagnosis walk away with a different diagnosis and about 66% walk away with a refined diagnosis. Only 12 % of those seeking a second opinion walk away with the initial diagnosis. Therefore a second opinion helps in better control and a better understanding of cancer treatment.

Taking a second opinion online offers significant benefits as one can take it from the comfort and convenience of one’s home, office and even while in the hospital, saving one from loss of work, travel time and the pain of having to visit different hospitals and waiting for doctors.

So go ahead, get a second opinion from the best cancer doctors, from some of the best cancer hospitals in India and buy yourself peace of mind Now!



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