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Second Opinion for your Cancer Diagnosis


Online Second Opinion for your cancer Diagnosis? Do we really need one? And how does it help?

Cancer is a dreaded disease. A cancer diagnosis often sounds like a death knell. How does a cancer patient know what is the right treatment for him?  How does he know, that the treatment plan such as chemotherapy, surgery suggested is the best for him?

Or is there another line of treatment that can help?

Comprehensive cancer care centers are in the top 8-9 cities only whereas many cancer patients live in smaller towns, cities, which may not have the best cancer doctors.

So does that mean, that cancer patients should not get the benefit of the best consultation, advice from the best doctors?

Traveling across towns, cities, countries is expensive? Travel takes time and logistics to be sorted.

But that should not stop you from getting the benefit of a good consultation, by the best cancer doctors, the best oncologists?

A consultation with a good cancer specialist can change your cancer treatment plan and help you cure, fight cancer.

Here is how CanceRX helps you?

We at CanceRX, can we help you with a video consultation with some of the best cancer doctors in India, by a fixed appointment. Over a fixed time slot, this will help you discuss your diagnosis, your case history.

How many of you would like to have a Video Consultation with the best cancer doctors in India for your cancer diagnosis?

Those interested please leave your Name, Email, Mobile number and country code and send us a WhatsApp on +9198121451560.

Besides a video consultation, we can also help you with an online cancer consult. 

To get an online 2nd opinion, upload your medical reports and send us your medical reports on

You can also send us an email with the above details to us on and we shall call you back, and set up an appointment for a cancer consult

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