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How does CanceRX help Cancer Patients?

How does CanceRX help cancer patients? A question often asked by patients, caregivers, families contacting us.

We at CanceRX help patients in the following ways:

Cancer Consults

Cancer Treatment Advice: Based on your medical reports, stage, and type of cancer, we help you with treatment advice on the best treatment plan to fight and beat your cancer. In the current crisis, when you are not able to travel, visit a doctor, cancer consult from some of the best cancer doctors in India from the comfort of your home can help you plan your cancer treatment better.

Cancer Tests

Cancer Tests:  CanceRX helps you with specialized cancer tests, like the PET Scan, Genetic Sequencing to help you with a proper diagnosis.

What’s more, there is a DISCOUNT on most tests! Book your cancer test Now!

Cancer Drugs

Cancer Medicines: We understand cancer care is expensive. Most of the cost is that of drugs. CanceRX helps you with cancer medicines at a discount.

For help on consults, a second opinion on your cancer diagnosis, cancer medicines, and cancer tests.

Write to us on or  WhatsappWhatsapp on CanceRX Helpline +91-9821451560

If you are a cancer patient or a caregiver, log into and get in touch with us NOW!

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