Cancer: Common Myths and Misconceptions

Though cancer is by no means a rare disease, there are many myths and misconceptions about it, its diagnosis, and its treatment. This can lead to unnecessary fear or worry about your, or a loved one’s, ailment. Here, this post will be explaining the truth behind some of the common doubts about cancer.   1) Eating sugar makes cancer grow faster Research to date shows no definitive correlation between sugar consumption and cancer growth. While certain cancer cells do tend to absorb glucose more than normal cells, cutting out sugar will not slow down cancer growth. This misconception might stem…

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What is Cancer staging cancer grading TNM

We often hear of the stage of cancer, cancer grade, often find TNM in reports. What does TNM mean? What is Cancer staging, cancer grading, TNM? The stage or grade of cancer indicates how much cancer has grown and spread. It is a good indicator of how advanced the cancer is and how well will it may respond to treatment. As a general thumb rule the earlier the stage and lower the grace, the better is the response to treatment. The methodology of cancer staging is called TNM, T stands for Tumour and the number allowed denotes how far the…

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Head and Neck Cancer

Head And Neck Cancer is one of the common cancer affecting smokers, and those consuming tobacco commonly. Poor Oral including gum disease leads to cancers of the oral cavity. Lack of Nutrition adds to the problem. Some causes are related to human papillomavirus infection, where men also get affected are due to oral sex. The head and neck cancer region is an anatomically diverse area of the body that is composed of soft tissues, bones, skin, and a variety of glands and organs. Head and Neck Cancer encompasses a wide Range of tumors that can develop in several areas of the head…

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Radiation therapy for breast cancer

Radiation Therapy for breast cancer is used now for more and more breast cancer patients unless the diagnosis is at a very very early stage what we call T1N0. What is the role of radiation therapy for breast cancer? What is the duration of radiation therapy? Radiation for Breast cancer treatment in India is offered by most good hospitals. Since most suppliers for radiation therapy machines remain the same, does the doctor, the radiation therapy planning, affect outcomes and the prognosis for a cancer patient? Dr. Ashu Abhishek, head of Radiation Oncology at Fortis Hospital Gurgaon talks to CanceRX on…

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Second opinion breast cancer treatment

Why is it important to have a Second opinion on breast cancer treatment Dr. Abhishek Raj, medical oncologist at Fortis Hospital, talks to us why a 2nd opinion is imperative for when you have a  breast cancer diagnosis. To get a second opinion on breast cancer treatment click here

How to choose a Cancer Specialist

How does one decide which cancer specialist to go to? The organogram below explains how to choose a cancer specialist for cancer treatment and what role does each type of cancer doctor, play in cancer treatment.  Nuclear Medicine and Imaging: Imaging such as MRI, PET CT, CT Scan creates pictures of soft tissue parts of the body that are sometimes hard to see using other imaging tests. MRI is very good at finding and pinpointing some cancers. An MRI with contrast dye is the best way to see the brain and spinal cord tumors. Using MRI, doctors can sometimes even tell if a tumor is or isn’t cancer. A PET CT Scan can often help with diagnosing and…

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cancer early symptoms

Cancer: Early symptoms, to be aware of, watch the video to know more ……   Write to us at to know more or send in your reports now to get a 2nd opinion on cancer from our expert panel comprising of, medical oncologist, surgical oncologists, and radiation oncologists. Send in a query to Dr. Niranjan Naik, head of surgical oncology, to get your queries answered on GI cancer that is Gastro-intestinal cancer,  Breast cancer, Colon cancer. Get a 2nd opinion Now!  

Prostate cancer Test

Why is a prostate cancer test essential??? A million men are diagnosed in India alone for prostate cancer. The number of men diagnosed or reported incidence is much higher in Europe, the USA, and even Africa. Get a simple PSA( Prostate Specific Antigen) test done and email us your reports for a 2nd opinion. A  PSA test is recommended worldwide over 45 years of age for screening. Early detection, saves lives! Get your PSA done today. Write to us at to know more or send in your reports now to get a 2nd opinion on prostate cancer from our…

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Unexplained high fever

Unexplained high fever and bruises can be an indication of Leukemia or what is commonly known as blood cancer. If your child has more bruises than normal while playing or has high fever which doesn’t subside, visit the nearest doctor, get a CBC test and a Peripheral smear done from the nearest lab and email us the reports on Unexpected Bruises with high fever an also indicate blood cancer even in adults. Our expert team of hematologists, hemato-oncologists, and hemato-pathologists will help you arrive at the best diagnosis. Send us your queries, reports now!        

bladder cancer symptoms

Bladder cancer is one of the more common cancers affecting both men and women. Watch out for the following, bladder cancer symptoms: Frequent Urination: Just peed, yet have a feeling of wanting to pee. Could be a simple UTI or a tumour pressing against your bladder wall and definitely calls for a visit to the urologist Bloody Pee: Blood in the urine which means urine colour ranging from pink to brown may indicate a urinary tract infection or a possible tumour and definitely calls for a visit to the urologist Pelvic Pain: A persistent nagging pelvic pain may mean a tumour growing…

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PET Scan Test Get a second opinion

PET Scan Test, is an imaging test which allows physicians to see how the spread of disease in our body. Normally associated with a cancer diagnosis, a PET Scan allows us to check the functioning of our heart, brain for brain tumors,  brain cancer, Alzheimer’s as well. A PET Scan test may be used along with a CT Scan and an MRI for specific views required for cancer treatment. A PET Scan costs USD 200-500 and can be done in many labs, however, diagnosis based on reports is the key to proper cancer treatment. Get a Second Opinion on your…

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Breast Cancer Diagnosis

A breast cancer diagnosis is no longer a death sentence. Breast cancer is curable when detected early. With new age medicines, targeted drugs in place, breast cancer can now be targetted specifically depending upon the genetic makeup of the cancer cells. If you are a patient undergoing breast cancer treatment, validate your existing line of treatment by sending us your medical reports or send us a query. We will have some of the best oncologists in India, best cancer doctors, from the top 10 cancer hospitals offer you a second opinion. Click to know the cost of mastectomy, lumpectomy, chemotherapy,…

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