COVID Vaccination for Cancer Patients

With the coronavirus still at large, and the COVID-19 pandemic still a global disaster, it’s important to take all precautions possible, and to keep yourself and those around you safe. One of the most important safety measures is the vaccine – but what does vaccination mean for cancer patients and survivors? This article aims to address some questions and preconceptions on the vaccine, and why it’s important for cancer patients to get vaccinated whenever possible.   Which vaccines are available? There are multiple vaccines that have been approved, the three widely used and tested ones being: The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine (commonly…

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February: National Cancer Prevention Month

Every February, Cancer Prevention Month is marked worldwide, raising awareness for the various types of cancers that affect millions of people every year. Here are some ways you can take part, by learning more about prevention, and supporting the cause. Prevention Each type of cancer comes with its own risk factors, but there are several common ones between them. By taking note, you can reduce your risk of cancer, and others’ too. 1) Quit smoking The most obvious link between smoking and cancer is lung cancer. Almost 90% of all lung cancer is smoking related; by smoking, you not only…

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Colon Cancer: What Is It?

                        Colon cancer goes by multiple names, including bowel cancer and colorectal cancer. Though the majority of people affected by it are over the age of 60, you could still be at risk. So, here’s what you need to know about one of the most common cancers in the world. What is colon cancer? Colon cancer occurs when cells in your bowels – your intestines – mutate or multiply abnormally, forming a tumour. Most of the time, it is colon polyps that develop into cancers; polyps are harmless clumps…

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CanceRX gets covered by Punjab Kesari a leading newspaper

CanceRX Coverage in Punjab Kesari CanceRX, a startup focussed on last mile cancer diagnostics, consults for the Indian population, gets covered by Punjab Kesari, Indias leading Hindi newspaper. Write to us at to know more.