February: National Cancer Prevention Month

Every February, Cancer Prevention Month is marked worldwide, raising awareness for the various types of cancers that affect millions of people every year. Here are some ways you can take part, by learning more about prevention, and supporting the cause. Prevention Each type of cancer comes with its own risk factors, but there are several common ones between them. By taking note, you can reduce your risk of cancer, and others’ too. 1) Quit smoking The most obvious link between smoking and cancer is lung cancer. Almost 90% of all lung cancer is smoking related; by smoking, you not only…

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Colon Cancer: What Is It?

                        Colon cancer goes by multiple names, including bowel cancer and colorectal cancer. Though the majority of people affected by it are over the age of 60, you could still be at risk. So, here’s what you need to know about one of the most common cancers in the world. What is colon cancer? Colon cancer occurs when cells in your bowels – your intestines – mutate or multiply abnormally, forming a tumour. Most of the time, it is colon polyps that develop into cancers; polyps are harmless clumps…

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A happy sister

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What Is Cervical Cancer?

Cervical cancer is the fourth most common type of cancer in women, but often goes unnoticed until it is too late, and causes thousands of deaths every year. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself from the risk.   What is cervical cancer? It’s a type of cancer that starts in the cervix, that is, the canal connecting the uterus to the vagina. Much like other cancers, it can spread to other parts of the body, and is often present in varied ‘stages,’ or levels of advancement. There are four of these stages of cervical cancer: Stage I occurs…

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cancer early symptoms

Cancer: Early symptoms, to be aware of, watch the video to know more ……   Write to us at care@cancerx.co.in to know more or send in your reports now to get a 2nd opinion on cancer from our expert panel comprising of, medical oncologist, surgical oncologists, and radiation oncologists. Send in a query to Dr. Niranjan Naik, head of surgical oncology, to get your queries answered on GI cancer that is Gastro-intestinal cancer,  Breast cancer, Colon cancer. Get a 2nd opinion Now!  

Multiple Myeloma symptoms

Multiple Myelomas symptoms are many, however many are missed as general symptoms and this often leads to a delayed diagnosis. The commonest and most often missed are the ones associated with Renal failure or Kidney failure. The infographic below details symptoms of multiple myeloma, which may be missed. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please visit a hematologist or a hemato-oncologist. It may help in early diagnosis and treatment which plays an important role in survival. Write to us at care@cancerx.co.in to know more or send in your reports now to get a 2nd opinion on your cancer…

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Prostate cancer Test

Why is a prostate cancer test essential??? A million men are diagnosed in India alone for prostate cancer. The number of men diagnosed or reported incidence is much higher in Europe, the USA, and even Africa. Get a simple PSA( Prostate Specific Antigen) test done and email us your reports for a 2nd opinion. A  PSA test is recommended worldwide over 45 years of age for screening. Early detection, saves lives! Get your PSA done today. Write to us at care@cancerx.co.in to know more or send in your reports now to get a 2nd opinion on prostate cancer from our…

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Unexplained high fever

Unexplained high fever and bruises can be an indication of Leukemia or what is commonly known as blood cancer. If your child has more bruises than normal while playing or has high fever which doesn’t subside, visit the nearest doctor, get a CBC test and a Peripheral smear done from the nearest lab and email us the reports on care@cancerx.co.in Unexpected Bruises with high fever an also indicate blood cancer even in adults. Our expert team of hematologists, hemato-oncologists, and hemato-pathologists will help you arrive at the best diagnosis. Send us your queries, reports now!        

Is it ok to get a second opinion from a doctor?

Is it ok to get a second opinion from a doctor? A Question often asked by patients who have an ambiguous diagnosis. Watch the video to see a patient in an OPD setting, running from pillar to post after being diagnosed with small nodules all over his face and neck, get a correct diagnosis for his medical problem. Not clear on your diagnosis? Get a Second Opinion, by the expert panel of Medical oncologists at CanceRX now, from the best cancer hospitals in India, send us a query now or write to us on care@cancerx.co.in to know more Click here to…

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Colon Cancer Treatment in India

Uncontrolled cell growth in the colon leads to what is known as colon cancer. Major causes of colon cancer include polyps, genetic traits, habits, diet and other medical factors. The major types of colon cancer are: Primary colorectal lymphomas Gastrointestinal stromal tumors Lecomyosarcomas Carcinold tumors Melanomas Symptoms of colon cancer are: Weight loss Anemia Abdominal pain Blood in the stool Stool consistency change Diarrhea or constipation maybe experienced Stools maybe narrow Bowel movement pain Fatigue Diagnosing colon cancer For a diagnosis full physical examination is carried out along with a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy. It involves inserting a long flexible tube…

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