Happy New Year 2021

A Very Happy New Year 2021. Gratitude to our Doctors, Hospitals, Care Team, Partners who helped us grow this year, Patients who continue to place trust in CanceRX as a trusted cancer care provider. Cheers to 2021! May We Continue To Help Cancer Patients, Transform Lives,  Create Value for Our Share Holders, This Year and Beyond. If you have a loved one who needs help with an expert opinion on their cancer diagnosis, visit www.cancerx.co.in    

How does CanceRX help Cancer Patients?

How does CanceRX help cancer patients? A question often asked by patients, caregivers, families contacting us. We at CanceRX help patients in the following ways: Cancer Treatment Advice: Based on your medical reports, stage, and type of cancer, we help you with treatment advice on the best treatment plan to fight and beat your cancer. In the current crisis, when you are not able to travel, visit a doctor, cancer consult from some of the best cancer doctors in India from the comfort of your home can help you plan your cancer treatment better. Cancer Tests:  CanceRX helps you with…

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Boost your immunity to fight Corona

The Best way to fight Corona or Covid-19 is to avoid getting infected and optimize your Immunity. Are you ready to do it for yourself? Boost Immunity to fight Corona Pharmacological Immunosupplements  Vit D: It supports the production of antimicrobial peptides in the respiratory epithelium and helps to reduce the inflammatory response to infection with SARS-CoV-2. Majority of us are deficient in Vit D. Vit D levels should be Checked and normalized aggressively following which maintenance dose is 60,000 IU or one sachet every week. Vit K: Covid-19 causes blood clotting and leads to the degradation of elastic fibers in…

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How to get help for cancer treatment

Most patients, caregivers consider cancer diagnosis as a death sentence. However, with advances in science and technology, cancer treatment has evolved and many cancers are curable if detected at an early stage. Proper advice, a good consultation by a good team of doctors, results in a good diagnosis. A correct diagnosis is necessary for proper treatment planning for a disease like cancer. With newer advances, sometimes even doctors are not aware of all the newer medications, cancer treatment options that may be available. Hence a second opinion or a consultation by a super-specialist oncologist or a cancer doctor becomes critical.…

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Cancer treatment and living with Coronavirus

Cancer patients are at an increased risk as their immune system is compromised. The below given advise is from Dr. Mandeep Singh Malhotra, who is a senior cancer specialist, head and neck surgeon, breast cancer and post breast cancer surgery, reconstructive oncoplastic surgeon, at Fortis Hospital, to help cancer patients build immunity in these difficult times. Please feel free to reach out to us for any questions or clarifications on care@cancerx.co.in or whats app on +91-9821451560. Discuss your cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment, talk to the best cancer super-specialists, only on  CanceRX The views expressed are those of Dr. Mandeep Singh, based…

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Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast reconstruction surgery

Breast reconstruction surgery, post a breast cancer surgery helps in restoring confidence, amongst most patients.   Breast Cancer is the most common cancer affecting Indian women. It is estimated that more than 1.5 lakh women get affected by Breast Cancer in India every year More than 50% of the patients, who are being treated for Breast cancers survive or get cured of the disease.This number is improving by the time with the development of newer drugs, targeted agents and radiation techniques. Still, only around 10% of women have their Breast when the treatment is completed. Surviving Breast Cancer without Breast…

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What is Cancer staging cancer grading TNM

We often hear of the stage of cancer, cancer grade, often find TNM in reports. What does TNM mean? What is Cancer staging, cancer grading, TNM? The stage or grade of cancer indicates how much cancer has grown and spread. It is a good indicator of how advanced the cancer is and how well will it may respond to treatment. As a general thumb rule the earlier the stage and lower the grace, the better is the response to treatment. The methodology of cancer staging is called TNM, T stands for Tumour and the number allowed denotes how far the…

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best cancer dr in India world cancer day 2020

World Cancer Day 2020

On World Cancer Day 2020, we took some special offers to help patients. We know one day is not enough, so we have extended promos for cancer consults for cancer patients till Sunday, 10th Feb Here’s a brief on special offers to help cancer patients. Send us a query now. Cancer consultation by some of the best cancer doctors in India at a discount A second opinion on irregularities in CBC, complete blood test   Special Breast Reconstruction Packages      



CBC or complete blood count is an important indicator of many blood disorders,  cancers. A simple CBC can help screen for precancers as well. On World Cancer Day 2020, get a CBC done and send the report if there is a discrepancy. We will offer you a consultation at a super discount. Send us a query now!  

Breast cancer surgery cost

breast cancer surgery cost

In breast cancer surgery, cost plays an important role. Many times, patients do not opt for reconstructive surgeries due to cost, lack of knowledge about options available. Over time, a feeling of being incomplete, without a breast sets in. If you are a breast cancer survivor and would like to have your breast back. We can help you with reconstructive surgery, post a second opinion. Talk to us on the best packages for breast reconstructive surgery from the best breast cancer surgeon, one of the best breast cancer reconstruction surgeons in India. Send us a query now!  

Top 10 cancer hospital in India

At CanceRX, we have tied up with the Top 10 cancer hospitals in India, to provide the best possible cancer care at the best possible cost. If you are tired of waiting in long queues at local hospitals, talk to us at CanceRX and get your cancer surgeries by the best surgical oncologists in India at very close to government hospital rates. Talk to us to know more.. on +91-9821451560 or send us a query now —————— क्या आप पास  क़े अस्पतालों में लंबी कतारों में फंस गए हैं।  अपने कैंसर का इलाज करवाएं, ऑपरेशन लगभग सरकार की दरों पर…

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World Cancer Day 2020, cancer consultation from best cancer doctor in India

On World Cancer Day,  get cancer consultation from the best cancer doctor in India. A good cancer consultation will help you explore the best treatment options for your cancer diagnosis. Get a second opinion on your cancer diagnosis, validate your treatment plan, by our expert panel of cancer specialists, from the best cancer hospitals in India, only at USD 10/- On 4th Feb, click on the query link and get a consultation at USD 10 /- only. If you get stuck, send us a What’s app on +91-9821451560 or visit www.cancerx.co.in  

Head and Neck Cancer

Head And Neck Cancer is one of the common cancer affecting smokers, and those consuming tobacco commonly. Poor Oral including gum disease leads to cancers of the oral cavity. Lack of Nutrition adds to the problem. Some causes are related to human papillomavirus infection, where men also get affected are due to oral sex. The head and neck cancer region is an anatomically diverse area of the body that is composed of soft tissues, bones, skin, and a variety of glands and organs. Head and Neck Cancer encompasses a wide Range of tumors that can develop in several areas of the head…

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